Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skinny Jeans

Last night, we attended a "reverse raffle" at our local footy club. I believe there were about 250 tickets to begin with, and tickets were drawn out until there were just two remaining tickets. The winner (not either of us, unfortunately!), walked away with $2500. There were also small prizes for the first ticket and second to last ticket drawn. Purchasing a raffle ticket also entitled the buyer to food and beer/wine for the duration of the raffle event, which lasted about three hours. In addition, it's always fun to hang out with guys from the footy club in a social setting.

Obviously Australia's culture is heavily influenced by the Europeans, so I suppose that is where the skinny jean trend comes from. I feel like it's much less common in the States to see guys wearing tight jeans and pointy shoes, but here is seems to be the norm. In addition, many of the hairstyles have an "unkept" look, but they require some sort of hair product to look that way.
This is "Derm", short for Dermott. He wins the award for tightest jeans of the night. I confirmed with him that it was hard work to get into those jeans!! Thanks for posing for the picture, Derm!
A blurry close up of the skinny jeans!
Of course, not every Aussie guy wears tight jeans and has gel in his hair, and Erik certainly won't be sporting that look anytime soon, though at times his curls might benefit from some gel to "tame" the mane. One of the trends for women is to wear dresses with tights or leggings underneath, and I think I might be the only female in Australia that does not own a pair of tall black boots!

Despite the fashion choices that we may not be used to, these Aussies, and in particular this footy club, have been very welcoming to Erik and I, and we have really enjoyed being a part of the club throughout the season. Our "finals" (equivalent to playoffs in America) begin next week, and we are "in", which is exciting! In the AFL, finals are just around the corner too, so people in Australia, and particularly in Melbourne, are passionately cheering their teams on in the last few rounds with hopes that they will make it into finals.
This guy won "best on ground" in the match yesterday! :)

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