Monday, November 4, 2013


During our week in China, we also had time to do some sightseeing in Beijing. Because we are all sport enthusiasts, one of the highlights of Beijing was touring the site of the 2008 Olympic Games. We spent about half a day walking through the Bird's Nest and Water Cube, imagining what it would have been like during the Olympic Games. Our manager, who was with us, was in China for those Olympics, coaching the Australian race walkers.
Not sure what this tower was used for but there would have been great views from the top!
All of the medalists are on this wall.
Bird's Nest
Olympic Torch
View of the Water Cube from inside the Bird's Nest
Crazy-looking building from inside the Bird's Nest. Might have been a hotel during the Games?!

One night we headed to the Donghuamen Night Market to see (and taste!) the unique food choices on offer.
So many interesting foods to choose from...more to come about that soon!
The "boys" leaving the Night Market
After our experience at the Night Market, we walked through Wangfujing Dajie, where there are lots of chain shops and another market with various food offerings.

We also had the change to visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, though we did not actually get to go all the way through the Forbidden City due to the fact that we visited on the one afternoon of the week when it closes. Unlucky!

My fan club checking out a picture they took with me. It was quite amusing!
Traffic in Beijing was insane. There is really no regard for traffic signals or crosswalks, and we almost witnessed multiple accidents. Interestingly, we were on the road A LOT and we only saw 2 actual accidents. Our van driver came close to hitting other cars, pedestrians, and cyclists on numerous occasions. The Chinese people definitely make good use of the horns in their cars!
Not really the best picture, but have a look at people, cars, bikes, and motorbikes in the streets!
Overall, we found the people of Beijing to be very friendly and helpful. We often struggled to communicate but most people we encountered were patient with our lack of Chinese speaking skills and tried to understand what we were saying in English.

One last post about China to come, as I want to share a few of our food experiences!

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