Monday, January 27, 2014

'Round the World in 5 Weeks

When we first started dating 10+ years ago, Erik and I discussed the possibility of taking time off from study/work to travel around the world. Our trip would involve numerous stops in multiple continents and would take place over about a year. Instead, we took a trip around the world in 5 weeks! This trip was not intended to replace our 'round the world itinerary, and perhaps one day we will have the chance for that big trip, but in order to visit our families for Christmas AND our holiday destination, it required traveling the circumference of the entire globe. 11 flights, 3 trains, 1 bus, and several private cars were used during our 5 weeks of travel. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting details about our trip, so stay tuned!
One of the many stunning views we witnessed in the air!


  1. Sounds hectic but fun; looking forward to your photos. :)

    1. Thanks creamychipotle! Our time in the US was a bit rushed but 3 weeks in Tanzania was not too crazy, fortunately. Hope to get to the Africa posts soon!! :)