Sunday, April 26, 2015


I have been thinking about writing a blog post for ages now as it has been 4 months since my last post, by far the longest stretch I have gone without blogging since our move here in August 2011. I have an abundance of things to write about too, most notably that the hubby and I are expecting an Australian American to join our family in just 9 weeks. We are excited to embark on what is bound to be our most exciting adventure yet!

I find it extremely difficult to sit down in February and March to blog, since those tend to be the months where the weather is the best it gets in Melbourne. Longer days, sunshine, and warmth mean that I want to spend all of my free time outside and not inside typing away on a computer. Now we are well into autumn, with cool temperatures, rain showers, and shorter days on the agenda. Winter will be here in just over a month.
Signs of autumn on a sunny day
My goal is to revive the blog over the next few weeks (before our lives get flipped upside down with a newborn bub!) and share with you some of the adventures we have had over the last few months. I am most excited to blog about our trip to Vanuatu and Fiji. Sadly, just a few months after we left Vanuatu, the islands were ravaged by a very bad cyclone (hurricane). We are unsure as to what condition the islands are in now, particularly the smaller island of Tanna, where there would be very little protection from a category 5 cyclone.
Accommodation on Tanna (volcano in the background). Not likely able to withstand a cyclone.
Ironically, another place that we visited in 2014 has just been devastated by a natural disaster, as the city of Kathmandu has been hit by a major earthquake. The pictures we have seen so far are horrifying and we are hoping that the death toll does not continue to rise. Both of these countries rely heavily on tourism and both have such poor infrastructure, so we worry about the Ni-Van and Nepalese people and hope that they can bounce back from these tragedies.
Durbar Square in Kathmandu, looking much different than it does today.


  1. nice post! ... but if there's a natural disaster in Maryland or North Carolina anytime soon, we'll know who to blame! ... but seriously, very thoughtful, good work as always

    1. Tell me about it! One of my co-workers reminded me that we also visited Kenya around the time of both a massive airport fire AND a horrific mall massacre; however our visit was AFTER those events.