Sunday, August 17, 2014

3 Years in Oz

On Friday, August 15th, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary of living in Australia. We reminisced about arriving at the airport and walking outside to colder and cloudier weather than we expected. We also thought back to our taxi ride to the house where we would live for our first month in Melbourne, where the driver actually got lost and could not find the house. Sometimes that day seems much longer than 3 years ago, given how settled we have become in this country. It also seems like ages ago that I wrote about our 2 year anniversary of living Down Under, where I revealed how we ended up in Melbourne in the first place.

I read a blog post last week from another American expat who listed some things that she thought of when she arrived in Australia, and it inspired me to come up with my own list. Here some things I thought to myself (or out loud!) during our first few months of living abroad:

1. That is NOT bacon, it's ham!
We have since discovered "streaky bacon", which is more like American bacon.
2. A hotel doesn't actually have rooms?
You will only find a bar/restaurant inside this "hotel"!
3. How can it possibly be so cold in the house?
4. An entree is just an appetizer...and it costs how much?!
"Mains" (or "entrees" in America) would be listed next on the menu
5. There is a Target! (Followed by disappointment that Target is NOT nearly the same as the US Target)
6. What is a milk bar?
A milk bar
7. What is the difference between a pot, a schooner, and a pint?
Note that a "pitcher" is called a jug!
8. Why is there barbeque sauce on my pizza?
9. An eraser is called a "rubber"?!
10. The mall closes at 5:30pm?
These are typical shopping centre hours. A lot of times they open at 9am or later and some are open till 9pm on Friday in addition to being open late on Thursday.
11. The grocery store closes at 8pm?
12. What is rocket and why it is on my sandwich?
Commonly known as arugula in America
13. I have to walk into the gas station (servo) to pay for my "petrol"?!
14. Tea = dinner. Tea = a mid morning break for snacks. Which one is it?
15. I can't just order a "coffee"?
It was so, so confusing in the beginning. Now I have learned to embrace the coffee choices!
16. What is beetroot and why is it on everything?
17. What is a serviette?
18. Why is there a lemon in that Corona?
19. Which button do I push on the toilet to make it flush?
A fabulous idea that more Americans should adopt!
20. Sultanas are raisins, rockmelon is cantaloupe, capsicum are peppers, coriander is cilantro, biscuits are cookies, scones are biscuits, lollies are candies, crisps are potato chips, and chips are french fries?!
21. Pies have meat in them, and they are not eaten for dessert?
It actually tastes better than it looks!
22. What is a sausage roll?
23. A baby (bub) sleeps in a cot, rides in a pram, and wears nappies while sucking on a dummy?!
24. I have to put money in the cart (trolley) at the grocery store in order to use it?
Better make sure you have a $1 or $2 coin for grocery shopping.
25. Why does my beer cost $10?
Note the diagram above that shows the size of the $10 beer, which is equal to about 12 oz. On a more positive note, there is no paying tax or tip on top of this price.

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